serial mash summer

At Serial Mash, we believe that reading is not just a fundamental skill, but a gateway to boundless creativity, learning and imagination. We want as many pupils as possible to benefit from access to high quality books over the Summer Holidays and join in with our #SerialMashSummer campaign.

Sign up and let your pupils embark on a literary journey like no other. Over the Summer Holidays, pupils will be motivated to read more, explore new genres and discover the joy of storytelling. This is an excellent opportunity to keep pupils reading and engaged over the holidays.

All schools who take part will have the chance to win a licence for Serial Mash for a year (based on average minutes read across the school)

If you already have a subscription for Serial Mash you can sign up below.

If you do not have a Serial mash subscription you can sign up below for FREE access over the Summer Holidays.