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With a new chapter every week of term, writing activities and guided reading resources, all the hard work is done for you.

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A dragon and a pirate who are characters from Serial Mash books for KS2 children by 2Simple Ltd

A brand-new chapter

Every week you'll get the latest chapter of a specially-written serialised book. Read on tablets, on laptops, with print out copies, or together via an interactive whiteboard, highlighting important words as you read.

Guided reading resources

Each book chapter is complemented by a host of printable resources for whole class, group or individual use. Comprehension quizzes, grammar worksheets, sequencing activities, and open ended questions - they're all in one place.

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An image showing the primary school writing activities which come with the books in Serial Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Ready-made writing activities

Get children practising diverse forms of writing at a click of a button! Children can write a news report, compare the two main characters or dream up their version of the next chapter.

A library for everyone

All together, the chapter packs add up to a growing library of more than 140 books, many featuring popular curriculum topics. Serial Mash also comes with free home access, making it a brilliant way to make more books available to children at home. And the exciting 'Fire Bolt' series is included specifically to give less confident readers the chance to read for pleasure.

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Read a free chapter of our selected books

An image showing a book for KS2 from Serial Mash by 2Simple Ltd

The Sleeping Volcano

Seb and Ellie hope to find excitement on a school trip to a volcano but are disappointed to find out it's dormant. They are upset that the trip isn't as exciting as they'd like.

An image showing a book for KS2 from Serial Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Nightfall on the Somme

Underage soldier Neville Mason joins a Pals Battalion of the WW1 British army and, after basic training, heads with his unit to the Somme. But the reality of life in the trenches is not quite what he had imagined.

An image showing a book for KS2 from Serial Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Beth and the Nile

Tutenkhamun has died - or so his shifty advisor would have you believe. Can Ancient Egyptian siblings Beth and Scarab race against time and alter the course of history?.

An image showing a book for KS1 from Serial Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Ned and the Jungle Animals

Ned's class is having fun planting carrots. But there is something strange in the garden.

An image showing a book for KS2 from Serial Mash by 2Simple Ltd

The Ice Cream Villain

Tara and Guy love Natasha Wolfhound’s ice-cream van and the delicious ice-cream she sells. But they are shocked when she starts selling her ice-cream from tightropes and school walls...

An image showing a book for KS2 from Serial Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Seven Hours To Save The World

Do you know what it's like to be the last person alive in the whole wide world? I do. I don't want to believe it but I think I'm going to have to face the facts. No word from Dad. Mum. Jamie. Anybody. For over a week now.

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