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Serialised fiction to encourage engagement with quizzes and writing activities to deepen understanding. 18 new books added each academic year, plus access to selected books from DK, with all reading tracked.

Two primary school children reading Serial Mash books by 2Simple Ltd

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Now partnered with DK Learning

We have recently partnered with DK Learning to bring Serial Mash subscribers Dorling Kindersley (DK) books every term. With the addition of 6 new non-fiction books each term, we hope to ignite children’s curiosity and love for learning, whilst saving you money.

DK Books now on Serial Mash
A dragon and a pirate who are characters from Serial Mash books for KS2 children by 2Simple Ltd

A brand-new chapter every week

Every week you'll get the latest chapter of a specially-written serialised book. Read on tablets, on laptops, with print out copies, or together via an interactive whiteboard, highlighting important words as you read.

Guided reading resources

Each book chapter is complemented by a host of printable resources for whole class, group or individual use. Comprehension quizzes, grammar worksheets, sequencing activities, and open ended questions - they're all in one place.

An image showing a collection of reading comprehension activities from Serial Mash by 2Simple Ltd
An image showing the primary school writing activities which come with the books in Serial Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Ready-made writing activities

Get children practising diverse forms of writing at a click of a button! Children can write a news report, compare the two main characters or dream up their version of the next chapter.

View the data

With access to all the data recorded in reading journals you can see how frequently children read and for how long. You can view this data for classes, groups or individual children.


Schedule and serialise books

You can schedule entire books and their related activities for children for them to read and complete. Alternatively, you can use the serialise function to deliver new chapters and activities to children on specific dates that you choose.

Online reading journals

Any Serial Mash book a child reads is automatically recorded in their reading journal and other books can easily be added by scanning the barcode, searching for the book or entering the ISBN number.

An image showing a collection of books for KS1 and KS2 from Serial Mash by 2Simple Ltd

A library for everyone

All together, the chapter packs add up to a growing library of more than 140 books, many featuring popular curriculum topics. Serial Mash also comes with free home access, making it a brilliant way to make more books available to children at home. And the exciting 'Fire Bolt' series is included specifically to give less confident readers the chance to read for pleasure.

Meet the authors and explore their work

You can view the profile of any Serial Mash author inside the library, learn a little about them and view all their books in the same place.

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