2Simple’s Purple Mash Through the Eyes of a Teacher

June 19, 2020

2Simple’s flagship program, Purple Mash, is constantly evolving and innovating. It has been around for over 10 years and has managed to stay abreast of developments with the very best of current ICT and Coding curriculum for schools.

We have strong relationships with our subscribing schools, as you can see from the reviews on School Advisor. We wanted you to hear what one of our teachers from Parkview Junior, had to say about the program after using it extensively for the last few years. She perfectly captured the challenges of online teaching and gives some valuable insight on how Purple Mash could be used to help:

Purple Mash logo by 2Simple Ltd

Merle Grace – Parkview Junior

Purple Mash has been a life saver during this lockdown! I have looked on in desperation as I watched my dear colleagues struggle to figure out how to online teach children in Junior Primary. Luckily, they are all amazing, and doing it brilliantly, but I did sigh with relief that I wasn’t one of them.

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An Easy Experience

As all the children already knew how to “find their work in their bell” and to just get on with it, till they were ready to “hand in,” my online teaching experience has been quite easy and joyous. I am using Purple Mash on a weekly basis during lockdown. I set up work for all the children on a Monday. I then grade their work as it comes in and send a personal note to everyone.

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By Friday all the work should be in and marked. I work through the work of latecomers, delete all the work on Sundays and set new work on the Monday. I try and work closely with the teachers and then, as far as possible, set work accordingly. Usually I see the children for half an hour a week, which is really short! In these strange days, I set longer pieces that include Maths, language, a game, and art. The children really enjoy quizzes, so I set quite a few of these. The younger children love paint projects too. In general, I try and set tasks that do not need a lot of explaining.

Communication is Key

I stay closely in touch with parents and a weekly what’s app goes out to all parents about the week’s work. My email address is included in this every week. If parents have any problems, they contact me via email. It is also lovely for parents to see my feedback on tasks that were handed in by the children.

We really love the feedback we have been given by our client teachers and we are awed by what they are doing with the program! If you have any feedback on your experiences with us, please let us know – we are super interested in hearing about them.

Please visit www.2simple.co.za to find out more and feel free to contact us with any thoughts, ideas, projects or feedback. All most welcome!