How to Upload a File/ Video to Purple Mash

June 23, 2020

Upload files to Purple Mash staff folder

Morning! Many of you are using Purple Mash as a tool while we are all distance learning and putting together online lessons. It has been an exciting if harrowing time for us all and one which is characterized by huge learning curves!

We are so excited to share how Purple Mash can be used in conjunction with your lesson to add variety and depth to the children’s experience. One such way is uploading your own videos and resources onto Purple Mash. This makes the experience more relevant and personal. It also allows you to form resources that are perfectly suited to the themes you are teaching at the time. While we have amazing videos and resources, there is always the chance you will need something we haven’t got in our library.

We have a You Tube tutorial on how to Upload a File to Purple Mash. Feel free to watch it:



In summary, these are the steps in short on how to upload resources onto Purple Mash.

  • Click on the ‘Work’ icon on the top toolbar. This will bring up a list of folders below on the left to choose from. Select the folder you'd like to upload the document into.
  • This will bring up a Purple Menu along the top documents of course the top here you've got a purple menu. At the far-right hand side you've got further menu items in a drop down. One of menu items is ‘Upload’. If you click on ‘Upload’ you can drag files to here or you can click to browse from your computer.
  • Select a document and click on ‘Open’. This will upload that document. Click on ‘done’. That document will go into the folder you have selected. You can upload Word documents, PowerPoint files, JPEGs videos and all sorts of different popular file types.
  • To access the files children can simply double click on them or select them and click on ‘Open’. This will prompt them to save the file to their computer. They can then edit them and upload them into their own ‘My work’ areas. These files can then be found within the pupil folders within the class.
upload icon.png

We hope this skill adds even further to your experience of Purple Mash and the program’s ability to be fully integrated into your online lessons with your class!

We have ongoing training every week on how best to use the program and utilize all the tools. Please click on the link to book a session with us