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Aug. 5, 2020

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Prepare your students for the digital world and help them develop their programming skills and computational thinking. Python In Pieces has been designed around the curriculum with step-by-step lessons and opportunities to test understanding with the free-code environment. Its intuitive environment enables easy translation between block and Python code.

When translating from block to code just isn’t powerful enough; Python in Pieces can seamlessly translate Python code to block coding in both directions. Students are able to see the block code forming as they write in Python, allowing for better understanding to support and evolve debugging skills.

The platform allows teachers to:

    • organise students into classes and teaching groups aiding with the delivery of computer science to their students.
    • It allows teacher users to assign work as tasks or homework, monitor data and progress and view online portfolios of students work.
    • This allows student user to receive tasks to be completed from their teachers, and to save, manage and retrieve their work.
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It is designed to transition students from block code, taught in primary schools, to text-based coding taught in secondary schools. Complete with activities and resources, this challenging, interactive environment allows students to learn the coding language of Python whilst enabling both specialist and non-specialist teachers to teach the computing curriculum with confidence.