What our Teachers have to say

July 7, 2020


We have been having a busy time during lockdown with many existing and new schools using Purple Mash as a platform for learning. It has been a wonderful period of learning and discovery, both for us and the schools using the program. We have been keeping an eye on our Schooladvisor listing and are thrilled to see all the positive feedback flooding in. It is always heartwarming to see how many of our schools are enjoying Purple Mash and all the different ways they are using the program.

Nicolette Keague from Crawford International Bedfordview tells us exactly how Purple Mash has helped her during lock down:

Purple Mash extends learners remotely

Our school have been using Purple Mash for the past three years and since the lockdown, it has really been used even more effectively in the support of remote learning of the learners. I really am very happy with the service provided by this amazing platform, especially in the younger years it is an amazing tool to support your teaching and assisting the learners to really take ownership of their own learning. Thank you so much Purple Mash!

Purple Mash-Education_blog.jpg

Jenny Goslett from Kenridge Primary gives us an experienced review:

I Highly Recommend this Software!

We have been using Purple Mash for many years, which shows that we are very happy with the product. Our learners love the many activities which are available, their favorite being in Maths where they race against one another. Serial Mash, the books with the activities which follow in each chapter, is enjoyed by the learners too. Coding is an all-time favorite with the learners. The steps and hints on how to code enable the learners to move at their own pace. The service from 2Simple is outstanding. I like the immediate response one gets to one's e-mails. Our learners use 2Simple2Type from Grade 1, where they learn to type correctly. I highly recommend this software.

Finally, Laurie Pretorius from Hatfield Christian School makes us really happy with her testimonial:

Purple Mash in a time of Lockdown

Once you’re onboard with Purple Mash, they treat you like family - nothing is ever too much trouble, they will help you promptly. This product is never stagnant - they move with the times, always bringing new and (curriculum) relevant material to the screen: case in point is this Corona Lockdown - Purple Mash offers a comprehensive online classroom, from lessons (with the ability to connect personally with your kids on camera or voice-recording) to admin to assessments. And they have jumped in and provided us teachers with ongoing training for this unique period😀 To top it Purple Mash is so user friendly whether you’re using PC or tablet. An awesome, highly recommendable product!