2Simple has been making powerful and creative educational software for primary schools for over 15 years during which time we have won over 40 industry awards. 2Simple tools are used in classrooms across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, supported by our offices in Australia and Thailand.

2Respond to Famous People

Isaac Newton, Barack Obama, Queen Victoria, Martin Luther King and Neil Armstrong - these might be names that you'd think of for a dream dinner party. And now your class can interact with these famous figures and others through the magic of email.

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"I just want to express to you and all the 2Simple team how happy the staff and children are with our purchase of Purple Mash and most recently the purchase of Serial Mash, I will strive to ensure it is renewed next year as the benefits and effects it is having on our children in terms of enthusiasm and creativity is great. My grade 5 class have just began using serial mash and have said how much they're enjoying reading the books both in school and at home.""Your customer support is absolutely fantastic!!! You're all so ready to help, and so prompt! You lot are like a breath of fresh air!""I use Purple Mash almost every day. I love it because it's so easy to use, it's helped me become more confident delivering the curriculum through using ICT. I find that students who were once reluctant to read and write are now inspired and eager to get going and our more-able students really take their learning to the next level. Purple Mash has made a huge difference to our ability to teach our 21st Century students." "2Simple is still the most awesome value for money software I know for primary students, particularly the juniors!"St Patrick's Catholic Primary SchoolCatherine Mccarron, ICT Coordinator, Spire SchoolJenny Vincent, Teacher, Fyans Park Primary SchoolMindi Bakopanos, Teacher, Burwood Heights Primary School