5 Reasons why you should trial Striver

Sept. 27, 2019

Striver is the only digital platform that puts PE and wellbeing in one place. Created with a sole purpose: To improve primary aged pupils’ long-term physical and mental wellbeing. The best way for us to achieve this is by ensuring that children are motivated, engaged and confident.

We know that as teachers, there is an unreal expectation that you should be a specialist in every subject, including PE.

But before we can give children confidence, we need to give teachers confidence! PE can be a daunting subject for some of us, that is why Stiver has a whole school scheme of work written by specialists in a way which is simple and easy to teach, giving you the confidence to take on any PE class.

Here are five reasons to start a free trial of Striver today:


1) Develop a growth mindset.

Forget trophies and medals, real success is measured in personal growth and hard work. With our Skill Development Activities, pupils at the beginning and end of each unit, are encouraged to set personal bests (PB). This will help motivate, encourage and develop a growth mindset in your pupils. At the touch of a button, Striver will generate customised ‘Hard Worker Awards’ for each child to celebrate their effort and individual progression.

2) Six wellbeing units.

As part of the new statutory Health Education guidelines, there is a requirement to teach wellbeing. As physical and mental health are interlinked, we thought it made sense that teachers could access PE and wellbeing resources in the same place. Striver has 6 wellbeing units that complement the Health Education Regulations. You can teach your class about teamwork and leadership, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, sleep, and personal care. These topics are repeated each year to help children develop self-confidence and resilience as they move up through the school.


3) Always be Ofsted ready.

You never know when Ofsted are going to pay you a visit and with recent changes, you can be inspected on any subject with just an hours' notice. With Striver, you will always be Ofsted ready! With access to the web platform and the app, you can ensure you have up to date assessments data and reports to wow the inspectors.

4) Detailed lesson plans.

The Striver scheme of work has been written with the non-specialist in mind. Over 250 lessons broken down into clear steps, with supporting images and resources, allow everyone to run engaging PE lessons.

5) Schedule your PE timetable for the year.

Striver's calendar function allows you to easily assign units to different classes and groups. Once assigned, the teachers have all the information they need to deliver exciting PE lessons and you can see exactly who will be teaching what throughout the year.

As Striver gives teachers the confidence and resources to teach PE and develop PE and wellbeing throughout the school it is a great use of Sports Premium funding. Start your 14-day FREE trial here today.

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