Enhancing parent engagement with Evidence Me

Nov. 30, 2023

There are a number of ways that Evidence Me supports parent engagement and further enhances relationships between parents and the school. We’ve picked some of our favourites below, including our latest “Family’s Here” feature.

Parent Share

Parent Share is a great way for teachers and parents to share the learning of children in your school. Using this feature allows teachers to share observations with parents and for parents to create their own. All observations can be commented on, facilitating two-way communication.

You can easily view these observations on your app or websuite by using the Observation Tags filters. This allows you to quickly view parent shared and parent submitted observations as well as any observations that contain parent notes. These tags are automatically added to observations, simply apply one of these tags by selecting Filter > Observation Tags.

Class communications can also be created within Evidence Me to encourage parent observations. For example, asking parents to send in evidence that relates to hobbies or topic based content. Additionally, these communications can also be used to post about important reminders, updates and news.

Guidance on setting up Parent Share as well as how to use it can be found on our support page. There is also information for parents, including a parent letter which can be sent out about the feature.

“Family’s Here”

We’ve made it easier for schools and parents at pick up time with the new “Family’s Here” feature. This new update ensures pick-up time at the end of the day is managed safely and efficiently by enabling parents to notify the teacher when they have arrived.

For more information about how "Family’s Here" works and guidance on setting it up, please visit our dedicated updates page. An introductory video for the new feature can also be found on our Youtube channel.

Parent Contact Report

Our Parent Contact report includes information on:

  • Total parent shared observations
  • Observation comments by parents
  • Observations submitted by parents
  • The last time parents were active on Evidence Me

This report can be accessed from the ‘Observations’ section of the reports page within Evidence Me.


Family News

You can also use Evidence Me for sending Family News in term time or over the school holidays. For example, posting about updates, reminders and other important information. To find out how to use this feature please visit our support page.

Parents Evening

Evidence Me is a great professional tool to use at parents evening that will save you time and paper. It can help you to:

  • Ensure information on each child is organised in a simple and professional manner
  • Share “WOW” moments and assessments with parents quickly
  • Prepare reports beforehand and access them instantly on your device
  • Show progress and coverage in a way that is simple for parents to understand

Read our Parents Evening blog to learn more.

If you need any help with using these Evidence Me features, please get in touch with our friendly support team at support@evidence.me or call us on 0161 883 2332.