Bett Global Themes: Wellbeing support from 2Simple

Jan. 15, 2024

The countdown is on for #Bett2024 and we can't wait to be there!

It's always a fantastic few days getting to meet our community in person so we hope you'll come along to stand SH21 and say hello!

One of the themes for Bett is Wellbeing. Our solutions from 2Simple have wellbeing at their core helping teachers save valuable time, improve work-life balance and teach pupils key skills around relationships and positive mental health.


Striver was created to improve primary aged pupils' long-term physical and mental wellbeing; it’s a complete PE scheme of work that not only focuses on the physical health of pupils but also their mental health with dedicated wellbeing units. It has been built around the realities of modern teaching and uses technology to allow teachers to do more in less time.

Over 400 lessons from EYFS to Year 6 focus on developing the underlying key skills that make up all sports and activities, breaking things down into key skills and creating more opportunities for children to experience improvement. It also means children will feel confident to try out new activities independently. Each unit starts with a Personal Best Activity where children set and record their personal best. At the end of the unit the children try and beat their personal best score and Striver shows you exactly how much each child has improved. The only person the children are competing against is themselves!

It brings wellbeing to the forefront in schools, with six dedicated wellbeing units all mapped out for schools. Children study the wellbeing topics each year going into more depth each time, showing pupils that mental wellbeing is a normal part of daily life, in the same way as physical health.

Dot Com Digital

Dot Com Digital houses over 24 themes which enables schools to fulfil a rich PSHE curriculum whilst fulfilling the requirements of the 2020 RSE framework. The programme supports the teaching of ages 5-11 and includes overviews, videos, lesson plans and activities.

Some of the themes covered within Dot Com Digital include:

  • Families and people who care for me
  • Caring friendships
  • Respectful relationships
  • Being safe and internet safety threats
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Physical health, fitness and healthy eating
  • Health and prevention
  • Changing bodies

The platform includes a Digital Dot Minute, that children can use if they’re feeling worried or afraid by something. This can provide a safe way for children to report worries and allows them to raise issues with the teacher in a confidential way.

If you are visiting BETT then come and see us on stand SH21 and find out more about how we can develop wellbeing in your school.

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