Computing with Confidence Part 2

Sept. 14, 2023

Online Safety and Digital Wellbeing

With teaching computing comes the important aspect of ensuring children know how to keep themselves safe online. There are lots of resources included in Purple Mash on this topic and each year group has a whole unit of lessons dedicated to Online Safety.

To further develop children's awareness of keeping safe online, as well as thinking about their mental health while being online, Dot Com Digital has a range of lessons for these topics.

Dot Com Digital provides a unique safeguarding programme that supports children’s personal, social and emotional development and helps provide a safe space for them to learn the skills to lead a safe and happy life.

Created by Sharon Doughty, Dot Com Digital is an enhanced digital version of the Dot Com safeguarding programme which has been developed by children and safeguarding leads with input from Essex Police, the National Police Chief Council, Internet Intelligence and Investigations.

You can try some of the lessons on Dot Com Digital for free here.

Try Dot Com Digital for free

Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders are children with a passion for technology who want to share their knowledge with others and promote the use of all things digital throughout the school. Being a Digital Leader is a fantastic opportunity to take on responsibility, learn new skills, develop and demonstrate leadership skills and be a real help for busy teachers.

All our Digital Leaders resources are available in Purple Mash and includes an application form, name cards, posters and termly challenges.

Mash Club

Mash Club is a pack of resources for running a computing club at your school using Purple Mash tools. This includes an eight week course on Coding and Blogging using 2Code and 2Blog. there are detailed step-by-step instructions and extra challenges for children.

Resources for Mash Club include certificates, posters, name cards and stickers and can be downloaded from Purple Mash.

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Mashclub 3

Python in Pieces

For children in years 5 and 6 who are working above age related expectations, you might want to try Python in Pieces. With Python in Pieces, you can transition your students from block-based coding to Python with guided lessons, open-ended activities and the ability to translate block-code to Python in both directions.

For National Coding Week, if you purchase a subscription to Python in Pieces before the end of September, you'll receive the rest of the year for free! This means your access starts immediately, but your subscription won't officially begin until January. Prices for an annual subscription start from £300+vat, and current Purple Mash subscribers receive a reduced rate.

Find out more about Python in Pieces here.