Teaching RE with 2Simple

Nov. 6, 2023

Purple Mash is a cross-curricular online learning platform that offers a wide range of resources for teachers and pupils. It is also a great resource for religious education, with a variety of activities and tools to support teaching and learning across key stages. You can try Purple Mash for free here.

Purple Mash has a number of resources that can be used to teach pupils about the major world religions, as well as some lesser-known religions. Watch our 4 minute video to explore the different faiths with Purple Mash.


Explore the concepts of Buddhism with the Buddhist Worship Video. Children can then send their friend a postcard explaining to their friend all about Buddhism using this template. Find out about important festivals such as Wesak and complete some writing on the topic.


Teach children about the Bible and Christian traditions with the range of resources on Purple Mash. Within the Christianity area are 14 videos, covering topics such as the role of a Vicar, Communion and the Christmas Journey.


Introduce your class to Hinduism with a variety of videos and writing projects. Find out about the Hindu festivals of Diwali and Holi, and decorate a hand with Mehndi. Children can also watch a video to see why the Ganges is a special river to Hindus.



Children can read and write all about Judaism and how the religion started with the Introduction to Judaism leaflet. They can find out more about the Jewish religious texts with the Torah video.


Introduce your class to Sikhism and the 5 Ks with resources on Purple Mash. Find out about the Gurus of Sikhism and the Guru Granth Sahib Scriptures, and use the Sikhism Quiz to check knowledge at the end of the unit of work.

In addition to the commonly taught religions, there are also resources on Baha'ism, Humanism, Jainism and Rastafarianism - all within Purple Mash of course! You'll also find resources on common religious themes and secular celebrations. Older students might also want to compare different religions with our History of Religions resource.