Updated Computing Scheme of Work

Sept. 2, 2021

As schools start back, we are delighted to share with you some exciting updates and new features that have been added to our Computing Scheme of work. To further support the delivery in school, enhance the impact of lessons and reduce teacher workload we have updated all lesson plans, included editable downloadable slideshows for every unit, included supporting videos for teachers, updated our knowledge organisers and included 21 brand new short videos explaining key computing terminology, all to ensure that you can teach computing with confidence.


One of the biggest updates to our Computing Scheme of work is the introduction of slideshows for every unit within the scheme. From Year 1 to Year 6 each unit is now accompanied by an editable, downloadable slideshow (ppt presentation). We hope that this will not only save teachers time but also enhance the teaching and learning of Computing. Each slideshow is a step-by-step guide for delivering the lesson, with examples included alongside URL links to activities all supported by teacher notes.

One of the new slides for our updated Computing Scheme of Work

Lesson plans and knowledge organisers

All our Unit lesson plans within the Computing Scheme of Work have been updated. The unit plans still include an introduction, medium-term plan and individual lesson plans, including aims, success criteria and resources. They now also link to all our Computing slideshows, giving a step-by-step guide to each lesson, suggesting where these can be edited to fit into your school and make them more personalised. We have also updated the knowledge organisers for each unit. These are now very visual and highlight the key learning, vocabulary, and questions for each unit.

These are all available within the Computing Scheme of Work area of Purple Mash. If you don't currently have access to Purple Mash, you can download a free knowledge organiser sample pack.

knowledge organisers.PNG
Slideshows and Knowledge Organisers are now available for every unit of the Computing Scheme of Work

The slideshows can be accessed in the Teachers Area within The Computing Scheme of Work. To get started, look at the Quick Start Guide and then navigate to your chosen year group and select a unit of work, or if you're not a Purple Mash subscriber and would like to have a look you can download our sample pack here.

Teacher videos

To accompany the slideshows above, we have also created short videos for the teachers to watch before they teach coding and 2Calcualte units. The videos are ideal for teachers who may lack confidence in teaching a particular unit, as they walk through the slides in slideshows with further information of what each slideshow includes and the delivery of these in class.

Key terms explained

We have also produced 21 videos that explain key terms in the Computing National Curriculum. These 30 second videos highlight what the term is and where it can be found in the Scheme of work so that teachers are aware of when they will encounter the terminology. Watch our example video explaining algorithms.

We are really excited to share these updates with you and think they will enable all staff to teach computing with confidence in your school. We would love to see how you are using all of the above in your lessons on our social media channels (Twitter @2SimpleSoftware,  @PurpleMash or on Facebook @2SimpleUK) and if you have any feedback on any of the above, please send to support@2simple.com as we always want to hear from you….