Teaching PSHE with 2Simple

Nov. 20, 2023

You may know 2Simple best for Purple Mash, but did you know there are more school solutions that 2Simple has under its belt? Dot Com Digital contains comprehensive coverage for the RSE framework and enables Primary schools to deliver a rich PSHE curriculum with its lessons, videos and activities. It is a unique safeguarding programme that supports children's personal, social and emotional development and helps provide a safe space for them to learn the skills to lead a safe and happy life. The programme has been developed by children and safeguarding leads, with input from Essex Police, the National Police Chief Council, and Internet Intelligence and Investigations.

Physical Health

2Simple also has Striver in its collection - it's 2Simple's whole-school PE scheme of work, and with it, Physical Education becomes accessible for all teachers and children. With sports and activities broken down into key skills, children have more opportunity to experience improvement and to build their confidence in trying new activities independently. Along side the 400 PE lessons included with Striver, there are 6 wellbeing units for each year group which include mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, sleep, teamwork and leadership, and personal care. You can download a free Striver Active Lunchtimes pack here, to see how much the children enjoy it!

With Dot Com Digital, children also have the chance to learn about how to look after their physical health with lessons on topics such as exercise, eating, dental health, hygiene, sleep, sun safety and physical illness.

If you would like to expand your students' learning on this topic into other areas of the curriculum such as writing, there are many resources in Purple Mash all about Health & Growth and Sport.

If you're not a current subscriber, you can get a free trial or access to free resources to each of these school solutions!

Mental Health

Dot Com Digital has many lessons to help teach this important topic. With the Dot Com Digital characters, broaching difficult topics is made much easier, and more child-friendly.

Some of the mental health topics covered in Dot Com Digital are:

  • Feeling Proud of Myself
  • My Dreams
  • My Health (Mental Wellbeing, Isolation & Loneliness)
  • About Me and Why I am Special

There are also activities to do in Purple Mash including work on feelings and emotions. Over on Serial Mash, there is a whole range of emotions books from DK Learning.

Serial Mash emotions

Growing and Changing, and Relationships and Sex Education

Children go through many changes throughout their young lives, and it's important that they learn strategies and methods for dealing with them in a positive way. Topics covered by lessons in Dot Com Digital include:

  • Changing Schools
  • Changes & When Someone Goes Away
  • Puberty & Changes
  • My Friends and Family (Commitment)

Within Purple Mash, students can email 'Mrs Jones' about change, and there are lots of resources and activities for them to complete regarding Change & New Beginnings and the Transition to Secondary School.

Personal Safety

Dot Com3

Personal safety is a focus of Dot Com Digital, and it helps teachers tackle difficult subjects in an age-appropriate manner.

  • My Helping Hand Network
  • Risks in My Home
  • Feeling Safe and my 'Uh-Oh' Signs
  • Safety on the Roads & Streets
  • Making Safe Decisions (Consent, Discrimination)
  • The Emergency Services
  • Secrets and Surprises
  • Law & Crime (Knife Crime, County Lines, Hate Crime)
  • Drugs, Alcohol & Smoking

Bullying and Discrimination

There are also lessons within Dot Com Digital about bullying, and what children can do in different situations. They'll learn about:

  • Our Differences and Similarities
  • Faith and Religion
  • Making Safe Decisions

On Purple Mash, we regularly host some of the Anti-Bullying Alliance's resources for anti-bullying week (Usually the third week of November), and there is also a slideshow to help discuss what stereotyping is.

Media and Digital Literacy

If you're a Purple Mash subscriber, you'll know that at 2Simple, we work hard to ensure that children are kept safe on the internet. Included in the Purple Mash Computing Scheme of Work there are 3-4 lessons about Online Safety for each year group.

Dot Com Digital also contains lessons on The Internet & Social Media and children will complete activities based on these to deepen their understanding.

Money and Careers

Another important skill for children to have in life is the ability to use money and an understanding of spending and saving. Dot Com Digital teaches children about managing money in an age-appropriate manner, and there is a whole folder of Financial Capability resources on Purple Mash for teachers and students to use.

Community and Responsibility

PSHE also looks at how pupils can contribute to their wider community and the world, and Dot Com Digital has many lessons which help children understand their local and wider communities. They'll be taught topics such as:

  • Our Differences and Similarities
  • Faith and Religion
  • My Community & The Wider World
  • Rights & Responsibilities
  • Environment & Animals