World Ocean Day

May 3, 2024

On World Ocean Day, 8th June, people around our blue planet will be coming together to celebrate and honour our ocean. The ocean connects us all, between countries and across the world and by working together, we must protect and restore our oceans. The 2024 Action Theme is 'Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean and Climate', whilst continuing to support the growing 30x30 movement, which was last year's theme (to protect at least 30% of our blue planet by 2030).

To teach your students about World Oceans Day, we have several resources on Purple Mash that you can use.


Writing Resources

Guide your class with some research about the oceans and then complete one of our writing projects 👇 Or, they could write about World Oceans Day with this writing template. There's even the opportunity for them to email Sir David Attenborough!

Reading Resources

DK PM Water

To help with research projects, we have some fantastic DK Learning texts on Purple Mash which link brilliantly with World Ocean Day:

With all of our DK Learning texts, you'll also find quizzes, reading comprehensions and writing activities.

If you have Serial Mash as an add-on to your Purple Mash subscription, you'll also have access to some fantastic story books in your online library.

If you don't have it yet, why not take out a free trial and give it a go? The Serial Mash library contains over 200 eBooks, organised into seven different libraries, including one for reluctant readers, and one filled with DK Learning non-fiction books.

Fun Activities and Games

It wouldn't be Purple Mash without some Computing activities! Children can now follow a new challenge in 2Code to create a game called 'Clean the Ocean'. In the process, they will learn how to make items draggable, use loops to create clones, use collision commands and set angles.

For more beginner users, they might want to try 'Fun with Fish'.

For Younger Learners

There are lots of resources that you can use to introduce younger learners to the issues that the seas and ocean are facing, including:

Sea Jigsaw

Whatever you are doing to celebrate World Ocean Day, we would love to see and share your work. Tweet us @2SimpleSoftware or @PurpleMash, or go to 2SimpleUK on Facebook.