Mash of the Month - November

Nov. 2, 2020

Each month we will be highlighting a #MashoftheMonth. This will focus on a tool or application within Purple Mash and how it can be used within the classroom to support learning across the curriculum. During the month if you share how you have used #MashoftheMonth you will then be entered into a draw to win a 2Simple Goody bag!

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Testimonials from schools

June 22, 2020

20th March 2020, was the last day of school for many, as children, teachers and parents began a new way of learning at home. Schools have never been closed and many have remained open during holidays in order to support their local communities.

Schools that were Purple Mash subscribers began using it to support home learning and started to realise its potential as a fully cross curricular resource. Teachers have been contacting us to tell us about the engagement they have had from children and parents, the ease of use, safety features and the wide range of activities that they’re setting for their children.

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Python in Pieces

June 16, 2020

Python in Pieces is an interactive coding environment, designed to build student and teacher confidence in the text-based coding language of Python. With the ability to easily translate from block-code to Python, in BOTH directions, meaning that students quickly become empowered to progress from the expectations of KS2 through to KS3. We visited Caroline Chisholm School (before Lockdown) to see Python in Pieces in action.

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Project Packs

June 3, 2020

Project packs are now available in Purple Mash, linked to popular History topics. The purpose of the packs is to provide activities around a topic that give pupils the initial work without starting from a blank canvas which can be daunting for some.

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Training Platform – new courses

June 2, 2020

We are delighted to announce four new courses to our teacher CPD platform, that is included as part of your Purple Mash subscription

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