Commonwealth Games

June 29, 2022

The Commonwealth Games will take place in Birmingham this year with the Opening Ceremony taking place on the 28th July and closing on 8th August.

The Commonwealth Games involves athletes from across the Commonwealth, a political association of member states nearly all of whom were former territories of the British Empire. The first Commonwealth Games was held in 1930 and the Games are held every four years. Since then, they have grown into a global spectacle featuring over 5,000 sportsmen and women from across 72 nations and territories.  The Commonwealth Games are often referred to as the ‘Friendly Games,’ as the event is renowned for inspiring athletes to compete in the spirit of friendship and fair play. England is the host nation this year and will be joined by athletes from around the world. Athletes with a disability are included as full members of their national teams, making the Commonwealth Games a fully inclusive, international, multi-sport event.

Purple Mash resources

There are a range of resources within Purple Mash that you can use at the end of term to get children excited about the Games. Children can find out more about the host city Birmingham and write a review for a visitor to the city for the games. They can also use our postcard template to write about their stay in Birmingham. There are a range of events in the Commonwealth Games including badminton, beach volleyball, cycling and gymnastics. To get to grips with them all, pupils can use our guide to the events template to write about the sports that they would like to watch at the Games.

Children can use our History of the Games leaflet to write about how the games have changed since they were first held in 1930 and use our athlete profile and qualities of an athlete template to write about athletes competing at the games and the qualities needed from top competitors. They can test their knowledge of the Games with this quiz and use this newspaper template to write a news report on an event at the Games.

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We also have a selection of activities about famous people in Sport as well as Mashcams and paint profiles that you can use on the run up to the games with children in class.

Additional resources

There are a range of additional resources available to support schools over the next month:

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games – Sign up to register for resources Bring the Power resources on a variety of themes including Journey to the Games, Finding Common Ground and we can change the world.

British Council resources – This cross-curricular programme designed for pupils aged 7-11 will enable pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Commonwealth.

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