May's Mash of the Month: Maths Tools

May 3, 2023

The Mash of the Month for May is a focus on Maths and tools that support your teaching of Maths in school.

Multiplication Check

Our first tool is our Multiplication Check, perfect for Year 4 pupils and teachers to use this month ahead of the Multiplication Time Check (MTC) which is to be administered in schools from 5th-12th June 2023. Our Multiplication Check has been designed to mirror (as closely as possible) the format of the MTC created by the Standards and Testing Agency.

Assessment Mode gives children 24 questions with 6 seconds per question, and a 3 second pause between each question. Our Multiplication Check tool also includes Custom Mode, allowing you to select tables to be assessed, number of questions, time per questions and much more. It can also be set for pupils as a 2Do, perfect for pupils to work on at home.

MTC tool

Maths Games

There are also a range of Maths Games that can be used by pupils to develop and extend their skills, a lot of these have been recently updated and focus on the following skills:

  • Four operations
  • Factors
  • Bonds
  • Fractions
  • Number Sequences.

Funky Platform is our latest game to have an update, it’s a great game to practise and consolidate mental arithmetic and there are three worlds to choose from. With all the games, teachers can access the data dashboard and can highlight skills for pupils to work on.

Maths Quizzes

Finally, our education team have produced a range of End-of-Unit Maths Quizzes, designed to work alongside other White Rose Maths resources.

The quizzes have been created for each year group and they cover each unit for every term. We hope that you find them useful and save some time, these can be used in class on your board, or set as a 2Do. Please note, they are not provided or endorsed by White Rose Maths.

WRM quizzes

We hope you have a MathsMash-filled May and we would love to see if you use any of the resources listed above: if you share via our Twitter or Facebook pages with the #MashofthMonth. All examples will be entered into our monthly draw to win a 2Simple goody bag!