Newly updated 2Publish is June's #MashoftheMonth

June 1, 2022

Each month we highlight a #MashoftheMonth, focusing on a tool or application within Purple Mash and how it can be used within the classroom to support learning across the curriculum. During the month, if you share how, you have used the #MashoftheMonth, you will then be entered into a draw to win a 2Simple Goody Bag!

Our Mash of the Month for June is the recently updated 2Publish. This powerful, easy-to-use publishing tool really does bring learning to life. Teachers and pupils can access thousands of ready-made templates covering a huge range of cross-curricular content that you are able to tailor to your specific needs. There is even a blank template if you want to create something totally bespoke.

2Publish is really easy to use and has a range of powerful features. Children can explore all the templates and themed projects whenever they log in, while teachers can guide and support learning by going into any template or themed publication and making bespoke customised edits, including adding or changing ‘think about’ boxes, word boxes and checklists to help structure children’s work. Clipart containers can also be added, making 2Publish accessible for all students whatever their needs.

One of the new features in this update is auto-zoom while typing, which does exactly that - when you type, the interface automatically zooms in to the text box. Speaking of text boxes, another new feature is the ability to alter the size and position of both text and image boxes, giving you full control over the layout of any writing template.

There are options to lock down elements and add more elements for children that are ready for additional tools. You can also alternate between teacher and child views at the flick of a switch.

Making your publications appealing and in keeping with learning themes has never been easier, with the ability to add backgrounds and even import your own images. When teachers are ready, they can simply click save and share and set it as a 2Do for the whole class or groups of children.

With thousands of templates to choose from across the curriculum there really is no limit to how creative children can be. Whatever your curriculum aims, you can achieve them with 2Publish. It’s 2Simple!

However you use 2Publish in school, we would love to see how your children get on. You can share examples via our Twitter or Facebook pages, and if you share this June with the #MashoftheMonth hashtag you'll be entered into our monthly draw to win a 2Simple goody bag!