Dress up for Digits on NSPCC Number Day 2023

Jan. 20, 2023

What is NSPCC Number Day?

Number Day is an annual maths-inspired event held in order to raise money to support the work of the NSPCC. This year, it is held on Friday 3rd February, and schools are encouraged to take part in mathematical activities and even to “Dress up for Digits” in a number-related costume, with children making a donation to the NSPCC in order to do so.

The money raised from the NSPCC’s Number Day could go towards helping the charity run its Speak Out Stay Safe programme - which helps children understand what abuse is and what to do if they’re scared or worried - and Childline.

NSPCC Number Day Blog

What could children and teachers dress up as for NSPCC Number Day?

Your school might be encouraging children and staff to dress up for Number Day. If you’re a bit stuck on what to wear, here are some ideas:

  • Mathematical equipment: things like calculators, dice, dominos, clocks, playing cards can be really fun - especially if you can get a whole group of you in the same outfit!
  • Characters from books work well and can be doubled up for World Book Day as a cost-effective idea: Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat, Tock or The Mathemagician from The Phantom Tollbooth for example.
  • Characters from TV or films: The Numberjacks, The Numberblocks, Thomas the Tank Engine (& friends) with their numbers on.
  • Famous Mathemeticians: Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, Pythagoras, Fibonnaci (particularly great for Year 6 children/teachers who might be studying some of these people).
  • No-fuss ideas include wearing a football strip with a number, or simply drawing numbers or calculations on a white t-shirt!

What activities can we do in class?

We have loads of maths activities that you can use to celebrate NSPCC Numbers Day in your school. We have organised these into different topics, each with printable resources, interactive quizzes and games. Explore the different sections that you might want to use on number day here:

Try out these fun activities with your class:

Maths and Number Games

We also have lots of mathematical games on Purple Mash! You can find them allhere.

However you celebrate NSPCC Number Day, we'd love to see it! Be sure to share your costumes, activities and games on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

We hope you have a very positive Number Day! 😉