Mental Health Awareness Week

May 2, 2023

Mental Health Awareness week, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, is an annual event when there is an opportunity for the whole of the UK to focus on achieving good mental health. This year it takes place from 15th to 21st May and has the theme of ‘anxiety’. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems and by focusing on this it is hoped that the week will increase awareness and understanding of anxiety by providing information on the things that can help it from becoming a problem.

To support schools with Mental Health Awareness Week, we have put together a free pack of resources for schools which features resources from Purple Mash, Serial Mash and Striver  that schools can use across the week.

Supporting Mental Health with Purple Mash

There are a range of writing templates, posters, emails and quizzes all available within Purple Mash for subscribers that they can use to support pupils with Mental Health. We have included three of these in the pack and include our popular Dear Mrs Jones resources that children can use to offer advice on a range of topics from transition to friendship. Pupils can also use templates to write or draw what makes them happy and their 6 steps to Good Mental Health.

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MHAW (1)

Serial Mash

Stories are a great way for discussing ad tackling issues in class and we have made one of our Serial Mash books which does just this free and available within our pack. Freddie has been brought up to believe that showing emotions is only for girls but events in No Greater Treasure quickly show that there’s nothing wrong with a good try. With 7 chapters this is perfect to start or end each day during the week.

No Greater Treasure is one of over 200 books available within Serial Mash, your online library, with guided reading and writing activities, online journals, the ability to schedule books and view all reading data for just £200 per year for school and home access.

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No Greater Treasure


We now know that mindfulness techniques can help relieve stress, so to go along with the theme of the week we have included a lesson in our pack to introduce mindfulness to your students from our Striver platform and have also included some mindfulness postcards that can also be used.

These are just 2 resources that you can find in Striver to support well-being. Alongside housing a full PE scheme for Primary children it also includes 6 wellbeing units for Years 1 -6 looking at Yoga, Mindfulness, Sleep, Yoga, Nutrition, Personal care and teamwork.

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You can also download resources to support you in school from Mentally Healthy Schools who have put together two toolkits for schools.

👉 Tweet @mentalhealth with the hashtag #ToHelpMyAnxiety to get involved.