Remembering Anne Frank

June 8, 2022

This resource explores how the life of Anne Frank can be used to support pupils as they prepare to move to secondary school.

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Transition Pack with Dot Com Digital

May 24, 2022

Transition is both an exciting and challenging time for pupils. As Year 6 children enter their last half term of Primary education it is a term that is usually full of a range of activities and preparation for Secondary School. During this time, schools often take part in a range of Junior Citizen or Crucial Crew types of lessons, which look to give children the skills to deal with a wide range of situations and enables them to make a valued contribution to their local community through good citizenship.

We have put together a transition pack using resources from Dot Com Digital that teachers can use over the latter half of the summer term to support children with their PHSE and Junior Citizenship visits.

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